Beverly has worked for a number of local and international clients on ancestral research projects in County Down. Here is a selection of what some of them have to say.

Thank you so much. How quick and efficient! I just wish I had sought your help months ago. K. McK, Scotland

Thank you for the integrity you bring to genealogy. If there is an organization you belong to that rewards its members for excellence and professionalism, I would gladly advocate on your behalf. I have been burnt so many times. It is a blessing to find one who treats potential clients with such respect. J.A. Campbell, Beulah, Colorado

I want to thank you for the excellent work you did in researching our Mulligan/Cowan family in County Down. Your research allowed us to easily find the church they attended and the property where they once lived. I am pleased to recommend you to anyone looking for a genealogist for Northern Ireland research. K. Jamieson, Oregon

Your report has given us a lot of new information and confirmed some items I had long suspected. It was a valuable exercise to have someone who knows the local area look into this for me. You provided more than I had expected and think the family will be thrilled with your additions, especially the location of the actual dwelling sites. Thanks again. I’m thrilled this worked out so well. Michael Emond, New Hampshire

It was truly fascinating to discover so many surprising details and connections Beverly had found in our family tree. There were names and links to places we had never discovered in our own research. We were very impressed by the depth and quality of information she unearthed. Thanks to Beverly we now have a fuller understanding of our family’s history. We would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about where they come from. Helen Ainley, Bangor

Thank you so much for your diligence and hard work in researching my family, and for such a detailed and readable report. Your dedicated and meticulous research has answered more of our questions than we could ever have hoped for or expected. H.T., Seattle, Washington

Beverly has exceeded my expectations, locating my ancestors and providing all the relevant certificates, along with obituaries, maps and photographs. She has traced the family back three generations and has even managed to find newspaper articles from that era. Highly recommended; very professional and courteous. Diana Coleiro, Ontario, Canada

Thank you very much for doing this research, and for the way it was so beautifully and professionally presented. I.M., Portsmouth

I am only too pleased to endorse Beverley as a first class researcher. I did not give her a large budget, but I am really thrilled with the family history she has uncovered in County Down. Thank you very much. Anne, Linconshire

I’m thrilled with the work Beverly has done for me. Do not let a small budget stop you from getting the help of a professional, particularly at the start of your research so you at least know you’re heading in the right direction. Wendy Beddows, Worcestershire

All wonderful stuff; I have looked through the report and am amazed! I am going to print out the details and study them further. You have done extremely well - and it is all beautifully presented. Thank you so much; I am really pleased with what you have achieved. Dorothy S., New Zealand

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing work you completed on my family in Ireland. I was blown away with the detail you included and the photographs and maps were fantastic. Your report gave my dad an insight into the area where the family lived and worked and he was quite overwhelmed with the photographs. I would have no hesitation in recommending your work; it was amazing - and very much appreciated. S. Mallon, Kilmarnock, Scotland

I was delighted to receive the results of your research on my behalf. I read through the report immediately on receipt of same - and no doubt will study it in more detail in the days and weeks to come. Thank you for your courtesy and kind attention at all times. R. Coulter, N. Down

You’re brilliant! Thanks for all the information. I had bits and pieces of it, but you have provided the proof. I do appreciate all you have found for me. J. Roberts, County Down

It is wonderful that you have achieved a positive result in finding and making contact with [a relative]. It has been a pleasure working with you and I am exceedingly grateful for all of your help. M. MacGregor, Scotland

As an amateur genealogist with family origins in Ulster my research online came to a natural end. I contacted Beverly and was very impressed by her enthusiastic and personal approach to my problem. She made some suggestions, carried them out and as a result I now know my family origins going back at least two or three generations beyond that which I had achieved. Her relaxed attitude is infectious and I would thoroughly recommend Beverly as a researcher to help guide you beyond those facilities available online. J. Arthur, London

The quite exhaustive details you have included in your report are most interesting and take me further than my own limited expertise could … Although my search is not yet ended, I appreciate the time and care you have given to my commission. L. Ryan, North Down

Beverly has given us some very valuable help and support in tracing the various branches of our family tree. She is most knowledgeable about the range of resources that can be accessed for information and has a particular strength in her ability to cross reference data sources and come up with all kinds of interesting linkages and associations. She has been able to go far beyond the points in our lineages that we have been able to reach until now. Her work is very well presented, beautifully illustrated and fascinating to examine. We have greatly enjoyed working with her. R. Hamilton, North Down

As a former Deputy Registrar-General for Northern Ireland, I understand how difficult it can be to research one’s family tree. I commissioned Beverly to research my family as I was impressed with her professional and analytical approach. She was receptive and pleasant to work with and I was astounded by the amount of information she uncovered. The research led to records in India and she even uncovered the ship’s manifest for my family returning to the UK. Truly, a very professional and obliging genealogist. G. King, Holywood

Beverly's work has been painstaking and as a result, in a very short time, I now have a very accurate record of my family going back to my great great grandfather... Beverly has gone into great detail in her research, uncovering family connections in Canada and Australia which I wasn't aware of and producing records of army service and death in the First World War... Beverly not only has great ability in what she does but also has a great fascination in the information that she uncovers... I found her professionalism excellent and her charges for carrying out the volume of work that she did were more than reasonable. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to research their family history in Northern Ireland. Michael Kelly, Director of Circadian Hotels Ltd, Camberley, Surrey

My brothers and I had many unanswered questions about our Mother’s family, as she had died when we were young. I asked Beverly if she could help with our research as we felt we had done as much as we could. Within days, we had an email from Beverly to let us know she had located our first cousin. The result is that we are now in contact with our cousins in America, who have helped answer our questions. It is a great comfort to know that the family are re-united again. E. Greenwood, Donaghadee

I am very pleased and delighted with the amount of research you have done for me … It was great that you [traced my family] back to [client’s great grandparents] and the possibility that [ancestor’s name] could be my great great grandparents … I am looking forward to my next trip to Dromore [ancestral home]. For me it has now become a very interesting place. S. Godwin, West Midlands
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